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The Bankruptcy Alphabet – K is for Keeping Debt Collectors at Bay

…f the bankruptcy filing. (Just one more reason why it’s so important to disclose all of your creditors to your bankruptcy attorney.) But bankruptcy isn’t the answer for everyone. I have helped some people who are collection-proof by simply writing to the creditors and explaining the situation. A person is collection-proof if they have no assets against which a creditor may levy, no real estate to which a judgment lien may attach, and…

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…money to pay a portion of your debt but not all of it, you may wish to consider this option. Negotiations with the IRS, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, and other creditors. If you can afford to pay a portion of your debt, but not all of it, I can help you deal with your creditors and attempt to negotiate a settlement. Doing nothing – Not everyone who is in debt needs to file bankruptcy. If you are collection-proof, creditors may be able…

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