The Bankruptcy Alphabet – K is for Keeping Debt Collectors at Bay

Many of my clients make their first appointment with me because they are tired of the constant phone calls, letters, and threats from debt collectors. One of the things I do as a bankruptcy attorney is keep these debt collectors and other creditors from bothering you.

Many times, I am able to stop the harassment by filing a bankruptcy case for my client. Upon filing, an automatic stay is put in place, which basically puts a stop to all collection activity. Debtors benefit because they get a break from the 10-20 collection calls per day. Creditors benefit because no one creditor is allowed to rush in and grab up all of the debtor’s assets, leaving nothing for the other creditors. Creditors who continue to contact my clients after we have filed for bankruptcy protection risk being sanctioned by the Court. Knowing this, most debt collectors respect the automatic stay and cease their collection activities as soon as they learn of the bankruptcy filing. (Just one more reason why it’s so important to disclose all of your creditors to your bankruptcy attorney.)

But bankruptcy isn’t the answer for everyone. I have helped some people who are collection-proof by simply writing to the creditors and explaining the situation. A person is collection-proof if they have no assets against which a creditor may levy, no real estate to which a judgment lien may attach, and no non-exempt wages to garnish. A creditor may sue this person, but will not be able to collect on that judgment. Once the debt collector understands that he isn’t going to get anything by suing, he’ll usually move on to the next debtor.

If debt collector calls are driving you nuts, or if the threat of a lawsuit is preventing you from sleeping at night, contact a local bankruptcy attorney today.

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