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Bret has been very pleasant and helpful. I’ve not worked with another attorney, on any matter, that is as prompt as he is. He returns calls and emails very quickly. He is very knowledgeable. He listens and then provides options along with the pro’s and con’s of those options. When I walked into his office I felt helpless. He listened, offered options and then went to work and helped me. Now I’m on the road to financial recovery.
– Satisfied Client from Grant County

Bret was a voice of calm & reason from day one. When we didn’t know where to turn, or what to do he calmly & clearly laid out our options. Once we had decided how to proceed he helped us through every stage. He was always available for questions. He made the whole process as pain free as it can be.
– M & B W.

Our experience with Bret Nason was excellent. We were very worried about going to court and Bret explained everything. He helped us every step of the way. If we had questions he got back to us right away. We would recommend Bret to everyone. Thanks Bret for everything.
– B & D from Grant County

We were so embarrassed by our financial situation. We had talked to our bank and they tried to help but couldn’t so they referred us to another place that would help relieve some of our debt but that also wouldn’t work in our situation so we were suggested to look for a Bankruptcy Lawyer. This was the last thing we wanted to do but we knew we had to. We found Bret and looked at his comments and reviews of others that he had helped. We decided to hire him and it has been nothing but a relief for us. He answered every and all questions and emails that we had and I had a lot for him. Bret was understanding, very compassionate towards us, made us feel comfortable with our situation. He told us we were not being judged and I will always remember that comment. That alone was enough to show what kind of person he is. We were so very thankful for his compassion towards us. We will suggest him to anyone that has financial problems. Thank you Bret!
– ED

Attorney Nason was spectacular! He is a very honest attorney and will lead you in the right direction you need to go. This is a very hard thing to go through, but he helps every step of the way! He will answer any questions you may have very promptly. I am 100% satisfied with his work and believe without a doubt I picked the best bankruptcy lawyer around.
– happy, stress-free client

Bret was great to work with, and very knowledgeable with the whole process. I was so nervous about my situation and really didn’t know what to do. He explained everything to me in a manner I could understand and answered all of my questions through the process. He was very helpful in making a stressful situation much easier to deal with. I would highly recommend Bret to anyone who has serious financial problems and considering bankruptcy. Thank you so much!!
– Relieved

Mr. Nason is an excellent attorney, who makes bankruptcy virtually pain free. He uses his extensive knowledge to determine what the best option is for you. He will answer any question you have promptly, and he never makes you feel ashamed or embarrassed through this process. Thank you so much for your help Mr. Nason, five stars all across the board.
– Alison

Bret was great to work with. He took all the stress out of a very stressful situation. Our needs took many months due to some personal issues but Bret was on top of everything the whole time. He was very sympathetic to everything we were going through. Thank you Bret!
– Tim C

I highly recommend Bret Nason to anyone who has serious financial problems and is considering bankruptcy. In addition to his competence and efficiency in bringing me through the process, he was very good at providing education and advice to me. I felt he always had my best interest in mind. He answered all of my many questions over the course of the process in a timely and thorough manner. His knowledge from past experience was always evident and reassuring.
– Very satisfied client from Dodgeville, WI

I would highly recommend Bret Nason to represent anyone facing bankruptcy. He has a great working knowledge of all the different options and helped me get through this difficult chapter of my life. He was very patient, understanding, and treated me with respect which made me feel very comfortable. Bret Nason is a stand up bankruptcy attorney and I am definitely satisfied with my decision in choosing him and all the services he has provided me.
– Casey

We were impressed with the professional manner in which Bret handled our case! There were no surprises and he took the time to help us understand the legal mumbo-jumbo whenever we encountered it. He also answered all our questions and even though it’s difficult to have a bankruptcy, we were taken care of very well! And everything went awesome in every way. Thank you Bret for all your hard work and taking care of us so well. God bless you and your family.
– Scott and Ellie Larson

I would highly recommend Bret to anyone who needs advice or actually needs to file bankruptcy. He answered all of my questions and responded to my emails after hours and on weekends which was great. He made me feel like I wasn’t failure because of my situation and was very willing to listen. The trip to Platteville was worth it for me and his services were invaluable. Thanks for all of your help, Bret.
– CMK, Crawford County, WI

I would highly recommend Bret to anyone who is facing financial troubles. He is very knowledgeable & professional. He is also a very kind and caring person. That day in Madison, I overheard another attorney belittling their client when they asked a question. Bret never made me feel stupid for any questions I asked. I am so glad I hired him to represent me. Thanks again for everything, Bret.
– R

Bret made me feel like a person that was in need of help, not a failure or just another client. Bret made it very comfortable for me and clearly explained everything in terms that anyone can understand. He answered emails promptly and even on the weekends! I highly suggest Bret if you want an attorney that treats you as a human being and not just another client or paycheck.
– Megan

Bret took the time to listen and explain all of my options in a sensitive way, so that I felt confident in moving forward with this process. He responded to all of my questions and concerns in a professional, timely manner. I had a concern with personal safety along the way. Bret was proactive in making sure that safety and security were top priorities. I am extremely grateful for the compassionate help that I received during this process. I would highly recommend Bret Nason to anyone going through the challenges of bankruptcy.
– Joann

It’s already been said! Absolutely, outstanding professionalism! If one needs to take this route, Bret Nason is the most reasonable, down to EARTH lawyer there is. Thanx again, Bret.
– Happy Clients

Attorney Nason really went to bat for me. The results were better than I had ever imagined.
– Craig

From the very first time I met with Bret he put me at ease. He was thorough in explaining what my options were. Throughout the whole process of Bankruptcy, Bret always answered any questions I had almost immediately what ever method I used to reach out to him. Bret made the whole process as painless as he possibly could. I would recommend Bret to anyone thinking about Bankruptcy.
– Byron

Bret is an amazing Bankruptcy lawyer. We discussed each chapter and how it would affect me and what it all entailed. He then gave me his recommendation to what he thought I should file. The great thing about Bret is he is very professional and doesn’t treat you like an idiot. If you don’t understand, he explains it. Even in my case I over thought the packet you have to fill out and after about a month he contacted me and asked why I was taking longer than usual. I was nervous and didn’t know alot but Bret answered every question with perfect detail. All in all I would absolutely refer anyone and everyone to Bret he is awesome!
– Happy client in Lancaster

Mr. Nason handled my case very professionally. I originally was going to file chapter 7 but in order to keep my motorcycle he suggested chapter 13. It was good advice. In the final few months we converted to chapter 7 for personal reasons. He made the conversion very simple and easy. I would highly recommend him if you need a quality and caring bankruptcy lawyer.
– MS

I was referred from family members to Bret. He was there in every step of the way that I had to do. You have to do credit couseling and I really think that is a good thing for everyone. You can communicate with Bret by phone or email he tells you that and he is faster on email and I like that as I always got my response back in just a short time, I had a real good trust in Bret he went through each step of the way and you knew what to expect with each step. Most of all the financial stress is all gone know and I was able to keep my home and car. I feel like a new person and more relaxed. Thank you Bret.
– KH

I met with Bret back in 2009 to go ahead and file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He was very kind and understanding which helped so much during a very stressful time. He was very thorough and walked me through everything. You can’t ask for a better bankruptcy attorney. Here I am in 2016 doing better than I’ve ever done and my credit score is the highest it’s ever been. I’m in the process of buying my first home. Thank you, Bret!
– In Much Better Shape Now

From the moment we met Bret Nason, we knew that he was the right person to help us through our situation. He is VERY knowledgeable, but unlike other attorneys with whom we’ve dealt, he is very ‘down-to-earth’ and makes sure that his clients understand every bit of information that he gives. It’s easy to see that he actually CARES about his clients and makes sure he does everything he can to help. He gives clear explanations of ALL options, and offers the best advice for each individual situation. We were very comfortable with Bret from the beginning; and will have no problem trusting him with any other problems that may arise in the future. We recommend him without hesitation! Thank you, Bret, for everything!
– M&B

The bankruptcy experience was very stressful. Bret helped take some stress out of the situation. He explained what was going to happen and the steps we needed to take so we always knew what the next step was. Every time we had any questions or concerns he was there to answer them either by phone or email. From the first meeting with him we knew he was the right lawyer to get us through this difficult time.
– K

What I liked about dealing with Bret was the quick response he gave whether by phone or email. That meant a lot. The fact that he was easily reachable calmed my nerves especially during those sleepness nights. The other thing that’s equally important to me since I am a very indecisive person was his absolute patience. I am forever thankful Bret. I highly recommend Bret to all who would like to ease any financial burden that they may be experiencing.
– lh-platteville

When you find yourself sliding off a financial cliff and you feel pretty hopeless, it’s quite gratifying to discover there’s someone who can break your fall. Thanks, Bret, for getting us through a tough time with your experience, knowledge, and helpfulness. We’d be happy to recommend you to anyone in need.
– K&T, someone in need

While going into this, I was very nervous. Bret made me feel very relieved. He reassured me that there was nothing to be nervous about, there are a lot of people that go through this that you have no idea about, nothing to be ashamed of. He is very professional and I highly recommend Bret.
– SB

Very helpful and informative through all the steps of the process; from the initial meeting through the filing and completion. Provided detailed and easily understandable instructions for how the bankruptcy process works, and what was required of me. Highly recommended!
– JA

Bret helped us through the most difficult decisions of our life. He was thorough and always seemed prepared for answering our countless questions. He was compassionate when he needed to be but always kept the relationship on a professional level. Bret remained accessible by cell phone and was always responsive if he missed our call. Most importantly, he gave us a sense of empowerment at a time we were feeling helpless.
– Chris

Robert and I were very nervous of filing bankruptcy, we heard nothing but horrible things about it. When things became very hard for us to live, and feed our family, we had no other choice but to file. After meeting with Bret he eased our worries. When we thought we would lose everything, he helped us understand that we wouldn’t. When we had questions he was right there to help and made it easy to understand what was happening. No matter the time of night, email was always answered. Bret is a great person to work with, he’s calm, informative, and eager to help anyone. I would recommend anyone to come to his office. I walked out feeling relieved and knew that finally i was able to provide for my family and make things better in our lives, instead of feeling like there was no hope. Thanks again! We appreciate everything you did for us! Can’t thank you enough.
– Robert and Brandi

I was under the impression Bret was taking special interest in my Chapter 13 for some unknown reason to me. After reading all the testimonies of the more then satisfied clients that Bret Nason has served, I come to the conclusion he is very professional, kind, prompt, & fair with each & everyone of us. This makes the unfortunate situation much easier to deal with. I can not thank Bret enough for all the hard work he has done & the amount of financial burden he has helped me dispose of. Sincerely Grateful.
– DH

Bret was wonderful to work with my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. He is a very kind and professional Attorney. During our meetings, I felt very comfortable speaking with him; Bret was very direct to each of my questions and concerns. Bret also was very prompt in answering my E-Mails, he kept me informed up to the day we met with the Bankruptcy Trustee. It’s unfortunate some of us need to file for bankruptcy. If needed, I highly recommend Bret Nason. I cannot say enough about an attorney who is Trustworthy, Knowledgeable about the Law and very Personable.
– Joseph-Grant County

Deciding to final bankruptcy is the last thought on anyone’s mind and one of the hardest things to do to swallow your pride and do so. But harder is how you are being seen or judged by others. Not here. I recommend Bret to anyone that is feeling down on themselves about having to go through the bankruptcy process. Bret is very professional, kind and doesn’t judge you for what you need to do. He helps you. Bret walks you through each process that you need to do to have a fresh start. He lets you know your options and which option that you choose he helps you through those steps as well. He sends and sets up paperwork that is simple and easy to follow and get back to him. I had a garnishment on my paychecks and Bret helped me get some of that money back, which was a relief at the time, when money is so tight. He responded to my emails in a speedy manner even after normal business hours when I normally sent them. I recommend Bret to anyone needing compassion when going through this hard decision. Bret is very reasonable and he is worth every penny. Money well spent for ease of mind, stress and a job well done.
– Fresh Start in Boscobel

This man has the patience of a saint! We needed help and he did everything possible to help us, plus had to deal with me! I constantly tried to fix my problem myself and obviously couldn’t, he was always there answering my constant emails of questions. He is extremely professional and certainly knows the ins and outs of every aspect of bankruptcy. He makes you feel comfortable and never acts judgemental. I highly recommend Mr. Nason for the financial help you might need!
– Starrb

Bret handled our bankruptcy. We found it very comforting to know whenever I had a question he was there with the answer, I had plenty of questions via email even after office hours into late evening and always got a response right away. He is very affordable and also got us back funds we had thought we had lost to a creditor that we could not afford to lose at the time. I am so happy we had Bret to stand behind us during our time of struggle. I’d recommend him a 1000 times over!
– Liz & Terry

I would to thank Bret for the great service he provided to us during this difficult time in our life. He helped us get through the brankruptcy. From our first visit he explained what our option where. He was always there to answer our questions. He never made us feel less a person to have to file. I would definitely recommend Bret to family and friends.
– Lori

Going through bankruptcy was one of the last things we ever thought would happen. We were forced to face a reality that the business and personal decisions that we made were not in our best financial interest and that was very humbling. Bret never made us feel as though we were incompetent nor inferior. He is professional and extremely knowledgeable at what he does. At our hearing, we were able to see first hand how other bankruptcy attorneys handle their clients and their cases. You do NOT want to be a client of an attorney other than Bret Nason. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend him to anyone.
– Grateful in Grant County

We are so thankful for Bret Nason. We did not want to file bankruptcy, but due to some terrible luck with a business, we were left with no other options. Mr. Nason was so helpful, answered all of our questions (and I asked him a lot!), and answered them so quickly. We felt very comfortable with him, and he helped us get through a very rough time.
– JC

I am very happy that I decided to hire Bret Nason to handle my bankruptcy. He made everything very easy. He explained everything to me in detail, and made sure I knew all my options. The paperwork was easy to fill out, and he made sure I had all the information that I would need. He always responded quickly to my calls or e-mails, and I trusted the advice that he gave me. He was with me every step of the way, and made the entire process easy and painless.
– Rachel

Immediately after speaking to Bret I knew I had the right attorney. Beyond his knowledge of the process he is professional, kind and courteous. He always answered my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. I was never left worrying about my questions. We were in and out of court with my case before I got comfortable in my chair. I recommend Bret to everyone!
– Grant Cty

I hired Bret to handle settling a judgment against a family member. He was very faithful in promptly responding and following through. He negotiated the settlement as well or better than I thought it would be and charged me less than he had estimated. I would recommend him any time for this kind of work.
– Lancaster

Bret Nason did a superb job of getting us through a difficult time. Very organized and personal. He had his ducks in a row. Would highly recommend him to anyone that needs bankruptcy counsel.

Attorney Nason did an excellent job working with me as I at first decided to file Chapter 13 and try to save our property and our vehicles. After over a year of trying to make that work, I realized that it would never come to fruition. I asked him if I could have the Chapter 13 changed to Chapter 7 and he did so with no judgment. Perhaps that is the hardest part of struggling with debt is how others will see you. He does not make you feel inadequate at all and his demeanor helps you stay calm through the process. He is prompt in answering all your questions through correspondence which also helps with the anxiety. Thank you for all you did, Attorney Nason.
– Finally Free

I visited with Bret, mulled over the decision to file and waited, thinking I could dig my way out. Eventually, things got worse despite my best efforts and I visited Bret again and filed Ch. 13. He answered ALL my questions in a timely manner and let me decide if it was the right thing for me. I don’t think I could have gone through this without Bret’s advice. Since I have filed, things have been getting better and better and the stress and anxiety I had been feeling is gone. I feel much better and I would definitely recommend Bret to anyone. He went above and beyond!
– Relieved

We were both scared to death to file for bankruptcy, but we were at the breaking point, we had to. We came across Mr. Nason’s name and made the call. We set up a meeting and he explained the process step by step. Whenever we had a question, Bret was very quick to get back with us. It was great to be well prepared for the meeting in Madison. The meeting only took 10-15 minutes, other lawyers and their clients, took a little longer and there were a few that had to reschedule another meeting because they weren’t as prepared. Mr. Nason is so professional and so easy to work with which made the entire process so much easier for us. Thank you so much for giving us another chance. We highly recommend Mr. Nason. He is the best!!!!
– Happy in Grant County

I hired Bret to help negotiate a lawsuit settlement for me and ultimately keep me out of bankruptcy. He was able to quickly understand what I needed and get the job done. I felt like I could trust him to speak for me and that he had my best in mind. He was wonderful to work with and kept me well informed with my case. Bret was easy to understand, worked quickly and did not overcharge me. Actually I think he should have charged me more…he’s that nice to work with. I highly recommend Bret!
– Jason

I was worried that filing for bankruptcy would be stressful and would cause me anxiety. However Attorney Nason made the process smooth, simple, and swift. I appreciate his honesty and really enjoyed that we communicated through email. At the first meeting he laid out the schedule of events and everything followed that schedule from beginning to end.
– Ann

At my first meeting with Mr. Nason, things were explained very well. Everything was handled very professionally.
– Gary

We were very impressed by the way Bret covers all the bases. When you go to Madison and see how other lawyers didn’t have everything done properly, you thank God you have Bret. He answers all your questions and gets everything taken care of in a timely manner. We would recommend him. He is a #1 lawyer in our eyes.
– Paul & Mabel

Bret is absolutely the way to go! After some unexpected health issues w/a child our credit was ruined and we were young yet. After talking to Bret and realizing we had options, I only wished we would have found him sooner! So much weight has been lifted off our shoulders and we can breathe again. He does not judge you and is always there to answer questions!! So happy to have this behind us and we now have the second chance we needed!!
– C&A

Bret Nason did an outstanding job for me & I would highly recommend him to anyone in financial trouble. I was simply amazed at how easy he is to work with & I have never had an attorney so helpful. THANK YOU BRET!
– Second Chance

Bret helped us get back on track after losing our entire life savings due to a bad business deal. He made the bankruptcy process go smoothly. A lot of debt was eliminated and we were able to keep our house and land! We highly recommend Bret’s services! Thanks, Bret!
– A&T

My spouse passed away and I was left with bills I could not pay myself. Bret was so helpful and walked me through the whole process, step by step. He was never too busy to answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone who may need his help. Thanks, Bret, for everything.
– Grateful from Grant County

Mr. Nason was there for me at a point in my life I needed him most. I do understand it was his job and all, but he went above and beyond with his understanding, helpfulness, & strength. He was there for me for many a “question-asking” session. It is my great privilege to recommend his services. Best of luck.
– K.B.W.

We had been in a rut for years. We first did Chapter 13 and that was dismissed. We had no other choice but to file 7. Bret was very good to explain everything to us. Very prompt with emails. We even have a business that he helped us out to barter with that company so we didn’t have to dissolve that as well. I recommend anyone in need to see Bret as he is a great lawyer and knows his stuff!
– Jen and John

I found working with Bret to be a relief- the bankruptcy process was unfamiliar and scary- he made it much more straight forward and easier to understand. He answered all my questions and took away lots of the stress I was feeling. He is great to work with and I would highly recommend him! Thank you Bret!
– S.S.

We were very pleased with Bret. He did a very fine job. He did not make us feel ashamed for having to file bankruptcy. He was with us the whole time, through every step. He answered and helped with any questions or problems we had. We would highly recommend Bret to anyone who has to file bankruptcy.
– G & E

Bret took a lot of the stress of filing bankruptcy away by answering all questions quickly and thoroughly explaining the answers. He also went beyond our expectations and found an error in our records. He was able to save us a large amount of money to further ease our financial difficulties and help speed up our financial recovery. We cannot thank him enough!
– Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker

Bret was very helpful with the bankruptcy process and everything went as he said it would. There were no hidden surprises that life likes to throw at you. He never criticized me at anytime. I wish I would have done this years ago. Thanks for my life back.
– Steve

We were very satisfied with the legal work Attorney Nason did for us with our filing of bankruptcy. Mr. Nason was very understanding with our situation and made the process very easy to complete. We would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Nason to anyone.
– Clients from Platteville, WI

Mr. Nason was very professional with us. He immediately put us at ease with our problems. The process he had for us was very thorough and if you follow his directions (which were really simple), you will do just fine.
To say we appreciated his representation is an understatement. We will always be grateful for the work he did for us. Thank you again, Bret, for everything you did for us. We have recommended you every time we have been asked. You rock!
– Clients from Bagley, WI

I had been struggling with my finances and nasty creditors for years and I wasn’t able to sleep or think straight anymore. I met with Bret a couple of different times and kept putting it off because of my fear. Once I finally decided enough is enough, Bret helped me so much. He stopped my wage garnishment almost immediately and things worked so smoothly. Other than the fact that I was scared to death, I am so glad I finally did this and Bret was the most professional and kind Attorney. Thank you Bret for helping me start fresh. You have so much knowledge and experience. I know I definitely made the right choice when I hired you to represent me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
– Diane

Bret was extremely helpful through the whole bankruptcy process. He answered all my questions and went above and beyond the call of service. Thanks Bret!
– JM

Before meeting with Bret we felt overwhelmed, however after our first meeting with Bret we felt as if a huge weight had been lifted. Bret listened and addressed all of our questions and concerns. He is very compassionate, understanding and caring. Very timely at answering calls and emails he kept us up to date on the process and status we never felt left out during the process. Bret Nason is a great attorney and would strongly recommend him to everyone. Thanks for all your help.
– Extremely relieved in Grant County

I found Bret’s name on the web. He is very professional and does not make you make you feel like a loser. He is very understanding and made me realise I was not alone. Every time I had a question he was very able to answer it and give good advise. The main thing I learned and keep on learning and striving for is that I can now save money. I am teaching myself that and I’m actually able to do it. What a gift! Thank you Bret!
– Happy in Dodgeville

Bret has done a wonderful job for me. He was very prompt and thorough. He answered my emails and telephone calls right away. He was just such a big help and put me at ease with all my questions. I would and have recommended him to others.
– Joan Allbaugh

Bret was very professional yet friendly when we went through our bankruptcy. He was never too busy to answer questions and helped us stay on track throughout the proceedings. Thanks to him we got the fresh start we needed. I highly receommend Bret to anyone in need of his services.
– Satisfied client from Wauzeka, WI

We happened to stumble upon Bret’s website mostly by accident and we are so glad we did! From the first time we met with Bret we felt reassured that not only would he support us through this process, but he would also understand what a tough time this was for our family. Bret was indeed there every step of the way and went above and beyond what we expected to get us the very best outcome possible! He answered e-mails and questions promptly and guided us when we were unsure of what to do. We couldn’t be more grateful for everything! We, without reservation, would recommend Bret to anyone.
– R & M

I highly recommend Bret. He treats you with respect and has a way of making you feel at ease. He also makes sure you are very well-prepared for your case, so keep that in mind when you’re gathering all your information. He just wants to be thorough. Thank you Bret for all your help.
– Michael

Thank you for taking the unfortunate situation of having to file bankruptcy and making it a positive experience. I want to quote your own words: “I answer my own phone and return my own calls. I provide friendly, personalized bankruptcy advice, counsel, and representation to individuals & small businesses throughout southwestern Wisconsin.” You did what you said and much more! Thank you again,
– Mr. & Mrs. M. J. R.

We found Bret to be very supportive and thorough, explaining our options in a clear, nonjudgmental manner. We highly recommend him.
– A Relieved Couple

Bret listens to every detail. He is kind, caring, and not judgmental. He was my rock through it all, always keeping me informed and making me very comfortable with the situation I was in.
– Annie

I have talked with many lawyers in my day for numerous reasons and I have to say that Bret is one of the most helpful and down to earth out there. I would recommend him to anybody. He is also very prompt returning calls and emails. I highly recommend giving him a call if you need financial help because he will be there for you!
– DnR

I really appreciated all the help you provided regarding the filing of my bankruptcy. It is an involved process, with many rules and laws, but having your help and guidance made it seem very easy and comfortable. It was not any easy decision to make, but you never made me feel bad or uncomfortable. I did not ever feel judged or chastised. Your knowledge and expertise regarding all types of bankruptcy and the laws was amazing! I never asked a question that you did not have a ready answer for. I would recommend you to anyone. Your service far surpasses any experience I have ever had with the legal system. And, Bret, you are simply a very nice person. Thank you!!
– Beth M.

We were having financial difficulties. We made an appointment with Bret and found him to be extremely helpful and very personable. He made us feel important and explained everything very well to us. When we left our first appointment, we felt relieved that we had options and someone willing to help us. Our case went smoothly & Bret answered all our questions promptly. If you are suffering with debt problems, we highly recommend making an appointment with Bret. You will be glad you did!
– Jim & Rhonda

Thank you for your help! We struggled for years to pay our bills, not knowing how we could correct our financial problems. We saw your advertisement in a local paper and called upon you to help us out. You explained to us several options to consider. Over the next several weeks, you were always there with answers to our questions. It was embarrassing for us to turn to bankruptcy, but we had no other option. You were very kind and helpful in every way and have lifted a burden from our lives. We thank you for helping us through this crisis!
– Clients from Platteville

We were in dire straits; medical bills from an accident and underemployment from the economy took its toll on us. Our outlook for the future was bleak. We knew we had to file for protection. We had phone calls from creditors, as many as 30 a day, and a wage garnishment. Bret was recommended to us by another attorney. Once we explained our situation to Bret, he went right to work. His grasp of the law allowed us to navigate through a difficult time with expert advice and allowed us to keep our home. He is also very pleasant to work with. We strongly recommend him to anyone with financial difficulties.
– C & T

In choosing a lawyer for our needs we wanted to stay close to home, so we went through the yellow pages and found Bret. We picked him not knowing him at all, but found him to be very personable, caring and hopeful. I would recommend him to anyone needing help. If he cannot help you he will tell you up front. He will also keep your case very private. I would go to him again if needed with no apprehension.

I want to thank Bret for the professional way he handled our bankruptcy. He made it very easy to pay his small fee and he did not once make us feel bad about ourselves for getting into this situation. He also made the paper work very easy. If you find yourself in the same boat, please give Bret a call, I highly recommend him.
– Bill from Lancaster

To say this was one of the hardest things for me to do is putting it mildly. Never once did Attorney Nason make me feel ashamed of myself. He was extremely understanding and very professional. If you are honest with him and follow his instructions, [your bankruptcy filing] will go very smoothly.
– Satisfied

Things happen in life that you don’t want to face. Filing Chapter 7 with Bret made us realize that there is help out there. His counseling, e-mails and representing us in Madison made the whole procedure an experience that we will never forget. Keep up the good work, Bret!
– D & J

Bret made our experience so much easier than it could have been. We were pretty nervous going into our bankruptcy but Bret took the time to explain our options and help us make sure we were making the right decision. He was also very understanding of what we were going through and didn’t demand payment of his fee immediately, but instead worked with us so we would not be hurting during the process. Things are going so much better now and we are thankful for his help. Even after the bankruptcy process was complete, he has helped answer any questions that we’ve had. Thank you, Bret.
– Kevin

Bret Nason helped us through a very difficult time, not only by knowing the job and understanding the legal process, but by remaining personable and easy-going. He acted in a professional and confident manner without seeming tense or anxious. These are important character traits for an attorney who works with people during a life crisis. He stood with us and supported us through a long, drawn-out process. We would highly recommend Bret to others in our situation.
– B & L

Bret Nason has helped me tremendously. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, so I went to meet with Bret. He gave me several options on what I could do about my credit card debt and recommended Chapter 7. If you know me, you know I am full of questions. He was very patient and very informative. I paid a small fee for the help that I received. I had one trip to Madison and the rest is old news. I have since recommended Bret’s services to serveral people. Again, thanks Bret.
– Client from Lancaster

When we finally made the decision to file for bankruptcy, we were scared to death! Bret made the entire bankruptcy process very easy to understand. He was more than willing to answer any and all our questions. Whether it was a question regarding paperwork or a question about what to bring to our meeting, Bret made the entire process as stress-free as possible. He walked us step by step through the entire process. Bret also went through other available options besides bankruptcy that we could have chosen. We would definitely recommend calling Bret if you are even considering filing for bankruptcy. The only thing we regret is not calling Bret sooner!
– Elizabeth, Iowa County, WI

I was impressed by your knowledge and willingness to help. Your professionalism and efficiency were greatly appreciated. I have recommended you to my friends and they are very satisfied with your help. You have a great way of explaining the bankruptcy process and take the time to answer any and all questions. I am very glad I was referred to you and would use your services again for other legal matters. Thank you for all your hard work.
– L.J.B.

You helped me out during a very difficult period in my life and made an unpleasant situation bearable. I would certainly refer family and friends to you, and as a matter of fact, I have given your name to a few people already. Thank you again.
– Jen B.

Bret, I just had to say thanks for all you have done for me. You are very professional and a great lawyer. Thanks again for getting my Chapter 7 done. I will tell [others], if they have to go through bankruptcy, you are the best.
– Bill

Attorney Bret Nason helped guide us through a difficult financial situation in a professional and courteous manner. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in a similar situation.
– D.A.

Bret changed my life. I [was] scared not knowing how I was gonna get through life being buried in debt. Bret made me feel not-so-scared. He is very sharp and very prompt in his work and I would recommend him to anyone struggling financially. I currently own two nice vehicles, have all my bills paid, and have $55,000 saved up for making business purchases. Just two short years ago, I had $2,000 to my name. I have also [rescued] my home from foreclosure. All of this could have never happened with out you, Bret. Thank you.
– Shane

Bret is extremely knowledgeable about bankruptcy and explaining the pros and cons of Chapters 7 and 13. Anytime I had a question, it was comforting to know Bret was always there for me. He made a difficult situation much easier and pleasant than I ever thought. I have never hesitated to refer people to Bret and will continue to refer him. Thanks for all of your help, Bret!
– Amanda B., Platteville

My husband and I had $50,000 in credit card debt. We wanted to get rid of the credit card debt and keep our house. Bret had us fill out the necessary paperwork, we paid lawyer fees (very reasonable), & took one trip to Madison. All the credit card debt was gone, we kept the house, ALL IS WELL. We now use our bank debit card for all purchases. Our lives are stress-free thanks to Bret! Go see Bret and get the relief we did!
– Mrs. B.

Bret handled our bankruptcy and we found him to be highly skilled, quick, and efficient. Additionally, our emails to him were always answered [promptly]. Not only does Bret have good technical skills, he is also warm and compassionate, and we quickly established a good rapport. With Bret, we never felt ashamed to be in the unfortunate situation of having to file bankruptcy. We would highly recommend him.
– Satisfied and Relieved, Mineral Point

We were so happy with the help you gave us. Another lawyer in our town didn’t feel he could help us. You let us know right away that you could help us. You were just a great help. We have told others about you.
– Joan & Norval

I used Mr. Nason’s legal services when my business closed last year. The decision to close was abrupt and there were so many things to do. I nearly cried the first day I went into Mr. Nason’s office. After leaving his office I felt relieved [because] he was taking care of things. As the bankruptcy continued and even months afterward, Mr. Nason has been there to answer questions and ease my stress. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is in my type of situation. I am very thankful that I went to his office that first day.
– Brenda

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