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Bret Nason

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The Bankruptcy Alphabet – F is for Free Consultation

I offer free initial consultations to prospective clients, but the free consult is not a universal practice. I know of many well-respected, successful lawyers who do not offer free consultations. There are benefits to each approach.

Free Consultations

No risk. Clients can learn about their debt-relief options without committing to hiring me. Many people would rather get familiar with the process and the attorney before deciding which lawyer to hire. It’s sort of like test driving a few cars for free before deciding which one you want to buy.

Attacking the problem sooner. Many of my clients have struggled with their debt problems for months or years before finally seeking my help. Free consultations make it easier for people to get the help they need sooner.

More clients. Free consultations may get more potential clients to schedule appointments while billing for initial consultations may drive away those potential clients. Some people will not consider seeing a lawyer who does not offer free consults.

Billed Consultations

Fewer no-shows. In general, people do not value items and services they get for free. When they know they will pay for my time, even if they skip the scheduled appointment, clients will make an extra effort to show up. My own (very unscientific) research indicates that attorneys who offer free consultations are much more likely to have clients skip appointments than those who bill for initial consults.

Efficiency. If a client takes advantage of a free consultation with me but doesn’t hire me, I’ve essentially worked for free. I could have scheduled a paying client for that appointment time or done some work for one of my existing clients.

Better-informed clients. If a client is willing to pay for an hour of my time to hear my opinion of their financial situation, I know that price wasn’t the sole criterion for hiring a lawyer. These people have typically done some reading about bankruptcy and researched different lawyers before deciding to call me. They know that cost is only one thing to consider when hiring someone for something as important as a bankruptcy filing.

In the end, I decided to offer free initial consultations. But I can understand the reasoning of attorneys who choose differently. Under different circumstances, I may have made a different decision. For now, I don’t get many no-shows, most of my initial consults end up hiring me, and I believe my clients appreciate the risk-free opportunity to learn about their debt-relief options.

I’d be interested to read your ideas on the free vs. billed consultation debate in the comments below.

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  1. Jessi W

    I think the same applies to freelance writing. I’ve been in business for three years now and, in the beginning, offered free consultations to get people in the door and build up my resume. Now that I have a good client base, I feel like I’m being taken advantage of during the consult (i.e. working for free) and am strongly considering getting rid of my “free consultation” offer.

    • Bret Nason

      Thanks for reading! Free consults are a more complicated issue than most people think. Good luck!



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