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Bret Nason

Attorney at Law

The Bankruptcy Alphabet – T is for Timeshares

Many bankruptcy clients have vacation timeshares that they would like to keep. While it’s usually possible to keep timeshares, it’s not always advisable.

The ownership of the timeshare itself is an asset. Despite what the salesman told you, your timeshare is probably not worth the $5,000 you agreed to pay. Regardless of how much it means to you, that timeshare is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Given that timeshares are often sold on eBay for under $1.00, it’s doubtful that you will find someone willing to pay $5,000 for the right to stay at Fantastic Resort.

The value of a timeshare may not be great, but it is an asset that must be disclosed in your bankruptcy. Given the low value of most timeshares, exempting them is usually not a problem. Bigger problem with timeshares are the maintenance fees and initial purchase prices. Maintenance fees, often $100/month or more, are charged whether you use the timeshare or not. And the high initial purchase prices are usually financed. My clients with timeshares usually owe a few thousand dollars on the original purchase and accrued maintenance fees. In most of those cases, I advise them to let the timeshare go, discharge that debt, and pay for vacations as they go.

A timeshare isn’t necessarily a bad purchase. But if you’re having trouble paying your other bills, the timeshare should be one of the first things you consider eliminating from your budget.

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